Interview @ Eurovision Special of POP Podcast (13.05.2022)

What is Helena currently busy with? Here you will find all the official news and latest rumours.
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Interview Interview @ Eurovision Special of POP Podcast (13.05.2022)

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Helena talks details about her win in Eurovision 2005


The Eurovision final is a few hours away and there is no person we would rather join us in POP for the Hard Times, other than Helena Paparizou.

Iosifina and Theodoris welcome our national Number One in a conversation that takes us back to the formation of Antique and the year that changed forever Eurovision for Greece, and the emblematic My Number One and the current reunion of Antique.

How did these 20 years go for Paparizou? Which Eurovision tracks are among her favorites? What advice does MÃ¥ns ask Helena every time she comes to Greece?

What is the summer trip she did every summer with her family? What happens at Eurovision parties and who are the best hosts? And what, after all, is the truth about that legendary 2001 Eurovision jumpsuit?

Listen to the episode:
video teaser:
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